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10 Mar

Zoolander 2 Announcement!

Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week

Zoolander (2001) is an iconic film within the fashion world. It’s depictions of the extremes of the industry and silly stereotypes are known to everyone, I only watched it again the other day and it is still relevant. So it seems so fitting that they have used the opportunity to confirm Zoolander 2 at the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week, 14 years after the original films release.

Of course they were really, really ridiculously good-looking doing it too.

Their cameo instantly had the audience up from their chairs applauding and has certainly generated a lot of buzz online. Wilson and Stiller were true to their characters and had a fierce exit where they drop their jackets and proceed to take selfies as they walk. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Whoever came up with that idea should have a promotion.

Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week

I personally cannot wait for Zoolander 2, and hope it’s about the life of models once they have had to retire or how social media has affected the modelling industry causing a need to re-invent themselves. Stiller is said to be directing the flick (excellent) and Will Ferrell is said to be signed on as a cast member too!

Either way, it’s going to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 with Paramount confirming the release for February 12th, 2016. And judging by the announcement alone, it should be hilarious.

You can watch the show here and the duo enter the catwalk around 14:35 minutes in.

Photos courtesy of CatalystImg.
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