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14 Feb

The Website Update

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You may have noticed I haven’t posted on here this year.


Truth be told, life has been busy and things have had to give. I am sad it’s always my website that seems to suffer, but I am working on it in the background nearly always.

So what am I going to do?

I am going to be tweaking it, putting up new graphics and photos etc. over the next month.

– I will be adding a reviews category to review tech gear, movies etc. Beauty and fashion will remain, but it isn’t my focus at all any more. Honestly, I have fallen out with the beauty blogger side of things, which I think was obvious since August. And I don’t like to do outfit posts outside of Instagram at the moment, because I want a photographer if I do them on here. I want the best images I can put up here. So they will also happen. Just very rarely at the moment.

I will be discussing events (upcoming events include the Brits and London Fashion Week), tech reviews such as games, speakers, consoles etc., music, film, and basically whatever I feel like. What I feel suits ME most importantly as a person.

I will be putting my work up here that I film with other companies – such as RTE and seanhanna which include red carpet premieres and hair shows – because they are awesome right?! As well as stuff I present or create myself. And I am super excited to share that all with you.

I know I said last August this was a beauty/lifestyle blog, but that isn’t actually the case.

This will be a Lifestyle site. Plain and simple.

As I am continually evolving I want the content that represents me to reflect that. I like a lot of things. Fashion and beauty shouldn’t be my main content. I also have more fun photographing events and people than eyeshadow and I am very proud of some of the other things I have been involved with. I want to share that.

I think that these changes will make this site more enjoyable to visit and read, and much more enjoyable for me to write and photograph.

Lots of Love to you all this Valentine’s day,

Mandy x

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