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13 Sep

The LFW Feels


Yep, it’s fashion week again. And this season was the first time I ventured out to London’s Somerset House to experience it.

I have VERY mixed emotions on LFW: It’s exhausting – and I did far less than my friends – a little intimidating and left me both happy, but very anxious.

I am going to start with the bad (sorry).

I have never, and still do not, call myself a fashionista. I probably never will. I love clothes, I love buying clothes, but I kind of just enjoy finding new looks, experimenting and tend not to follow trends too much. (Although I will not lie, I am totally easily influenced). It’s why I created my look book, I wanted to share the fun items I had found and love hearing what others enjoy too. And to me THAT is what fashion is to me.

But Thursday night I was struck with a fear and anxiety. I was terrified of being judged by some of my peers, experts in the industry and, much to my insecure dismay, my friends. I have some seriously stunning and fashion in tune friends and I just feel like an embarrassment to them, or maybe I am encroaching on their territory. I don’t know. I was terrified that people didn’t want me there. AND I DON’T KNOW WHY. Strangers were approaching the people I was with all day for photos and any time a group shot was mentioned I mostly ran away as I didn’t feel like I should be part of it.

The funny thing is, I was scared of being looked down and judged as lesser for the way I dressed and my lack of knowledge at the shows. It’s been quite some time since I went to events in London and I felt like an alien who had somehow managed to infiltrate a foreign land. For the entire day I felt really insecure about myself,  I just didn’t feel good enough to be there.

But I have come home and digested the day. I know these feelings are not the fault of anyone else, but myself. My insecurities got the better of me. And that’s not cool. I hate it when I hold myself back. And I know my friends don’t think lesser of me for such a shallow thing. In fact my forever more fashionable friend, Lily, let me borrow her jacket when I was in a panic of what to wear.

I plan to visit Somerset House again before the end of LFW to have some fun, be inspired by others and grab some photos. I will not let me get in the way of myself. Honestly, that’s stupid. Maybe I will even do a street style or fashion post (probably not).

And the awesome?

Well, despite my own insecurities mentioned above, I actually DID have for the most part a very fun day out with some wonderful ladies. It has been great catching up with so many amazing bloggers and vloggers. I do find these girls inspiring and I met many new people too. I was treated with kindness and that is always appreciated. They all dressed impeccably too. I just felt so drab in comparison. I also missed my blue/green hair for the first time in six months.

Also the air is electric. Models in the wild, eclectic outfits, photographers everywhere! Also, obviously, the fashion. It’s so interesting to witness first hand.


Before I go, here are my tips for this LFW from my observations:

1) Bring a camera (I forgot the 1st day in the rush to an event, stupid, I know.)

2) Dress for a warm day, but bring a coat. It was SO hot today, and I was stuck in jeans and a jacket I couldn’t take off. I wish I wore something lighter I could have layered up with a coat. Do that. Easier to make yourself warmer than cooler.

3) Do not wear stilettos. I didn’t, but I knew most of where LFW is based has cobbles. If heels are a must, block heels work best.

4) Take a big bag to stuff everything in, or a tiny one. There are lots of goody bags and that going around at LFW. You want to bring as little as you can with you or you’re going to keel over. Or if you don’t collect the goody bags, you equally will be grateful not lugging around a massive purse. You will thank me. My middle ground sized bag was a PAIN.

5) Bring water. You need to rehydrate, queues happen to be HUGE and you will dehydrate. Bring a big drink.


I would love to know about your experiences, please link your LFW posts below.


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