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12 May

The D.I.Y. Room Makeover Series

room change interior design

So I haven’t updated the site in a while. I am great. But you can see it’s undergone a bit of a re-design which took me SO LONG.

But so woke up one morning and realised I hated my room. And with that I decided to take control and change it. I have main this handy post of the three videos about my room transformation. By the way, it finishes with on one of my favourite videos I have ever made, as well as a bit of rebranding.

Mandy 3.0 started here. And I am loving it. Hope you enjoy!


 It all started with a little bit of PAINT

 …and a trip to IKEA with friends…

 …and ends with a dub-step room tour.

Also yeah, I can edit.

I am open to all suggestions of video. Let me know what you want to see in the comment please!


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