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23 Nov

Taking Time Out When You’re Sinking

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I took the photo above on the beach this weekend and I thought it echoed how I have felt the past few weeks perfectly: I felt like I was sinking. I have been more negative than I had been in a while, complaining a lot and felt down some days for absolutely no reason.  I was kind of scared I was getting depressed again, but for no reason. Actually, I even sent this tweet out:

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So, I took a day off last week to figure out why I was feeling this way and I came to an astonishing epiphany: I was exhausted and tired. Not depressed. I have been really high strung and stressed lately because this is my busiest time of year and as a freelancer I do not work a 9-5, Monday to Friday. I work in some capacity most days, which over time builds up and can cause or add to other anxieties I maybe having. I can also add to this by being unnecessarily really hard on myself, but I will talk about this another time! Thing is, I LOVE my job. It is probably the reason I am so happy to work till 4am or get up and 5am and edit for clients, but I am just human, and I should really be doing this revolutionary thing called SLEEP. Which I had apparently stopped doing to fit everything in. On top of all this, we have had a busy house. It has been crazy at home and hard to escape. Thankfully, this has calmed time and I think it will remain that way for a while as my fellow housemates are craving some quiet time as well.

With this realisation I went back to Weston-Super-Mare with Phil Ammon – a fantastically talented photographer – and saw my parents. And it was very much needed.


In all honesty, this was exactly what I needed. Phil and I went for a walk on the beach, he took many photos (I took the ones featured in this post) and I filmed a lot too. We went out apparently on a very dramatic looking day and had some fun, felt really creative and I am looking forward to editing the video when I get home tonight! I truly believe dipping yourself into a completely different surrounding can shake you creatively and help restore you. Apart from some minor Instagraming and the odd Facebook photo upload, I stayed away from the internet too as I chose to take a digital get away as well. If you’re job revolves around ‘the online world’ I throughly recommend it.

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I guess the moral of this post is this:

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. It is important to get away from the chaos of life, even for a day, and you will be stronger for it. Even the strongest of us need rest, and a creative block or a negative attitude could simply be your head telling you it needs some time out.

Also, for the love of God, sleep. Get your 8 hours a night, and don’t turn into a negative monster, like I did.


Also, I love this overdramatic picture of Phil I took. Whatever the weather was doing that day, it was unusually epic…and hilarious.

Photos taken and edited by Mandy Hynes.
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