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3 Jan

Surviving Snow – OOTD

snow style how to dress for snow and cold weather

So I am no ‘fashionista’ and I certainly will never consider myself a style guru, but I did have happen to come across some great “holy grail” winter pieces I thought I would share. For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram (both @itsamandything) you will know I was in Germany over the holidays celebrating with Phil and his family up in the mountains. While I was there there was an extremely large amount of snowfall and it was amazing. I have not seen that much snow since I was stuck in a blizzard in NYC in 2009. If a place hadn’t been shovelled or slowed the snow came up to my knees! Naturally this meant the I needed some very warm clothes.

snow outfit post no makeupCoat – Abercrombie Weather Warrior

Jumper Dress – River Island (black version linked)

Jeans – Topshop Leigh Jeans

Boots – Hi-Tek

The only way I tend to survive the cold outside is with my Abercrombie coat. This thing has kept me warm in -13C weather at the beginning of the year in Berlin and is also generally great for those rainy cold days in England. Unless I am dressed up for an event, I will be probably been seen wearing this coat, I couldn’t recommend this enough. I have had it for a year (in Medium) and it looks basically new still too! Awesome. I personally love the red lining of this version and the flexible waist detail that you can bring in and out depending on your shape. Unfortunately, this is last years edition of their ‘Weather Warrior’, however, this years is equally as awesome. I am thinking of upgrading next year to the Sherpa lined version, knowing how awesome the more standard version is.

My lilac jumper dress is also from River Island, but it appears they may have disappear in the sales. I have been actually wearing this usually with a thin pair of tights and my thigh high boots (may do a post in the future), but it was just so cold I threw it on over a pair of Topshop Leigh jeans (which had tights on underneath too!) Brr.

And of course I have a hat and scarf on too. My hat is from h&m YEARS ago and my infinity scarf was from Topshop a while back as well.

IMG_9327-Recovered copy

Now, to the main reason for writing this post: These hiking boots/snow shoes. I was aware that I would be in the mountains and a little snow may happen, so before I went to Germany I purchased these on the recommendation of my friend Rachael after loosing two beautiful pairs of boots over the years to the continental weather. R.I.P. beautiful boots.

These not only continually kept my feet warm, even when it was -11C outside, but completely dry. They are amazing and I feel I will be wearing them for years to come. Best part: They are slip ones that are super snug around the leg and feet. So much love. Probably one of the smartest shoe purchases I have ever done.

calvin klein watch outfit snow

Calvin Klein Amaze Watch
Charity shop ‘Mood’ ring

I have actually been quite minimal with my jewellery of late, but I feel back in love with watches this year. My favourite being this Calvin Klein Amaze watch, which is like a chunky chain bracelet. I hate overly ‘girly’ watches-  you know the kind, with super thin frames that are usually covered in diamantes or something, it’s just not my thing. This is super comfortable to wear even though it’s a fraction loose, but I have ridiculously small wrists as this is already the small size.

I have also been wearing this mood ring I picked up in a charity store. I actually really love this ring. I think for 2015 I will be investing in some nice silver rings though.

iphone 5S case outfit snow
Phone Case – Iconememis

Lastly, I switched up my phone case again recently to this one from  Iconememis. Funny story, this was originally gifted to me in fashion week, but one of my bags got pinched and it was in it! But then they contacted me a few weeks back asking to try it out again and it seems like I was meant to have this case. It’s a very beautiful design so I was happy too give it ago. Although I nearly lost it in the snow, it’s pretty sturdy and much slimmer than my previous case. Also it’s on sale now if you want to grab it!

That pretty much sums up what I wore to stay warm in Germany. I will catch you next time when I talk about my resolutions or something haha.


[Photos taken by Philipp Ammon, Edited by Mandy.]


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