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25 Jun

Why I Will Not Silence My Voice On The EU Referendum


I was getting hate on my social networks over my disappointment of the result of the EU Referendum we had in the UK this week. This is a post I made on my personal Facebook, but I thought I would post it here too as my point stands.

“This post is obviously not a personal attack on anyone, but I am just trying to be clear.

So I have been told by a few people I have offended them by expressing a few opinions, because my opinions are apparently inflammatory and opposite of those expressing joy of the vote. I have been told I should remain quiet because those happy about their vote feel guilty hearing my opinion and they don’t want to hear it or feel that way. (To be clear, my personal opinions do not nullify yours and mean you can’t be happy, one does not negate the other).

And I have been asked to not express the following opinions:

  • I do think that we are going in a direction to make this country worse, and for those who voted based on immigration propaganda, which advertised racism as an opinion, were bigots. (Note that this IS NOT everyone who voted leave. I know that, and you know that. Unfortunately, stats are revealed that these immigration policy ads did influence a lot of leave voters decisions however).
  • I also said a 2% majority when millions of UK citizens living outside the UK, and EU citizens living in the UK who we’re not allowed to vote and have a voice in their future of where they can live skews the vote heavily. You say “they should pay to naturalise” when they used to feel a member of that community previously and in the future it may very well be “get a visa or pay several thousand to be a citizen there” (and some countries require you to give up your previous citizenship to do so). Even Australians who are not part of the UK, but are common wealth, and been here only 3 months could vote over those who live here, say over my German partner who has been in this country nearly six years and calls this rock home. I think that is messed up.
  • Also let us not forget it is now being revealed a fair amount of leave voters voted in such a way so ‘remain’ didn’t “win big”. 2% realistically IS NOT a voice of the majority. To at least not acknowledge this, even if you don’t agree, is ignorance.  (There is a difference in stupidity and ignorance/wilful ignorance. I have not called anyone or attacked anyone with the word stupid either. Judge, let the record show this).
  • I have been told I am not thinking long term, but I am. Obvs. I do not want to own property in the UK or possibly raise a future family here. And a lot of funding in my industries looks to be cut off and removed as it’s EU funding. So yes, I thought long term.
  • Lastly, I simply expressed we shouldn’t have made this decision at all as the public. We are not economy experts, and when the experts said “YO, THIS IS BAD!” millions of people ignored them. So that actually happened.

It has been a DAY and there is talk of Scotland and Ireland leaving the UK, the privatisation of the NHS, work permits needed for EU skilled workers etc, etc. Great Britain isn’t going to be so great, and frankly if or when that happens I doubt I will be living here anymore anyway. YES, it’s been a day so some of these points do need to be taken with a pinch of salt, but it doesn’t make them feel less worrisome. We are putting up walls in a time when people want to be global citizens, but are afraid.

So I am sorry if my sadness and grief apparently offends. I am sorry my right to freedom of expression of an opinion opposite to yours is apparently offensive and shouldn’t happen. Consider this: the precedents we have set by a 2% “majority” offend and devastate me highly. But I am not asking you not to express you joy of the vote (that’s weird) I am just saying I am angry. This is not the same thing, and if anything if you are happy, BE happy. Asking me to not voice or be sad or not grieve at this is as bad as saying you can’t be happy. BE HAPPY with what you did, I am ok with that, even if you are now regretting it, be happy. You did you part in ‘democracy’ at least. I do not hate or belittle every leave voter, I am sad at an outcome, angry at what is happening as I really do think it’s for the worse in the long term and is exactly what I though would happen if it swung this way, and disgusted at some of the real racism – it is there – I have seen by SOME leave voters, not all, and certainly not by a majority of people I call friends and family. I am in a unusual position with what I do in my job and hobbies where actual strangers across the country interact with me on the daily. I just see it.

Don’t tell me I am arrogant because I expressed an opinion contrary to yours or call out ignorance. Don’t tell me I cannot feel a certain way vocalise my anger at what has happened. Don’t tell me voicing an opinion is oppressive. It’s not. You’re doing EXACTLY what you say I am, but I am not oppressing you. I am not trying to stop your voice. I hear your opinion and I just don’t agree. I am allowed an opinion and a voice to say that, and I am allowed to be angry/sad for AT LEAST a couple of days, it’s just been one day, give me a break. I am NOT making you feel guilty. I am saying I am sad because of this. If that makes you feel guilty, maybe you feel you should be and did something wrong.

I will go back to barely posting on Facebook now.”

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