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12 Apr



Today is the launch of a big and much welcomed change for – we now have an entire section of the site dedicated to Mens interests – from mens cosmetics/skincare ranges & fashion to film and tech reviews. I wanted to create a space many of my friends could enjoy and put the MAN in Mandy into the site (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Every Sunday there will be a men’s posts from the lovely guys below, with guest posts along the way. So I think it’s time to introduce you to the faces of the Men’s section!


Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham



I’m a filmmaker and comedian by trade, so a lot of my job involves being on stage, acting and presenting to camera. I like to think I have a pretty unique, interesting style and approach to the clothes I buy. Skin care is important too, don’t forget it. I don’t wear too many accessories or items of jewellery, but when I do I love them hard and wear them every day until they’re broken.

Twitter: @slomozovo

Instagram: @slomozovo


Philipp Ammon


I’m a photographer by trade. I live to shoot, and shoot to live. Nothing makes me happier than the lifestyle it offers: being on the road and experiencing unfamiliar territories. When it comes to style, I love anything that fits that way of life. It should be rugged and durable, but also go beyond just practical. A good dress sense, in my opinion, is as expressive as the art you make. It should be an extension of your character. Big fan of denim and leather. Simple and classic does the trick.

Twitter: @photoammon

Instagram: @photoammon


Every Sunday there will a ‘MENS’ post whether it’s skincare, products, fashion or film reviews – these guys are on it. Let’s use know in the comments or on twitter what you would love to see.



Click to see Bing’s 1st post on – Michael Kors For Men review.


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