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2 Sep

Inspiring People


inspring friends

I love my friends and generally the people I come into contact within my daily life. They are so creative and talented, but also so unique and diverse in what they do, they make me beam with pride. I admire the principles they live their live by and inspire me every day to be a better person. I have decided I am going to feature some of them on my site every now and again, to tell you they are rad (obv’s) and why I think you should be keeping up with them.

So here we go.

Lily Melrose


Let me tell you about this girl.

Lily is so talented and focused it’s unbelievable. Everything she produces proceeds the last and she constantly learns more to make sure she can be at her peak. She is very self aware about what she is doing and tries to push her personal boundaries with every new thing she creates, so no wonder it always looks amazing. She has a fantastic eye for editing pictures (seriously, her blog, wow) and a great sense of style. She finds inspiration everywhere, and lately has been trying lots of new stuff. She’s a risk taker even if it terrifies her and I look up to her for that.

On a personal note, Lily is someone who came into my life nearly a year ago and we kind of bonded instantly. She has put up with my crying and blabbering at my low points this year and although we are both busy people we will try and find time to see each other, even for 30 minutes. But also we can go a few weeks without seeing each other, and it can feel like we saw each other yesterday. More importantly she really supports me and tries to guide me in the right direction. If she has a problem with you or thinks you are doing something silly she will be blunt about it, and that is her charm. She is honest, and I love that. I will always know where I stand with Lily. She is great for a natter and I respect her so much. Basically, she is an awesome person AND talented, so please check her stuff out.

Zoe London


Zoe and I go back a while, a fair few years now, and I was a follower of her blog before I knew her. Back then, she had a job with a cosmetics brand and her blog was more of a hobby, so we bumped into each other on the event scene time to time. In the last year she decided to ditch the old blog rebrand completely to something she felt she had grown into and it is now her her job. As someone who has done that I know how DIFFICULT and scary it is, but she has more focus than I ever will to maintain such a thing. Seriously, she is inspiring. In the last 6 months her website has turned into something incredible: it’s hugely relatable and extremely unique. She has her own personal flair, and my favourite posts of hers are her more editorial features – such as ‘Becoming Positive‘ and ‘A Life Online‘. She is a talented writer and I know she is going to be one hell of a successful woman.

She has always treated me as an equal, and last year I went to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards I was nervous as I didn’t know many people there and she took me under her wing once again at another event. She had always shown me kindness, and she was even my personal cheerleader. She made me feel special on a day I was frankly, really, nervous about being judged by others. She is as beautiful and wonderful inside and out.


Christopher Bingham


Okay, we all know this dude is my best friend right? Also I live with him, so I know what I am talking about when I say he works damn hard everyday and I am proud of what he does. Again, he is one to move away from the commonly walked path to try something new and exciting. Bing has a LOT of things on the go at once. He lectures, has a vlog channel, has a filmmaker/sketch channel, is creating an album, also designed my new poster going live this week… the list really could go on. Basically, he is the jack of all trades. Not only the speediest editor I know, but is the most business minded person I have had the pleasure of knowing.

His main focus of late has been his album and I cannot wait for it’s completion. He released a cover of Taylor Swift’s new song Shake It Off this week, which is not only a great preview of how the album will sound, but shows off his high production skills and the ability to make a low budget content look crazy and compelling. (Also I shot some of that video so excuse me while I toot my own horn: Ehem … toot). You can check out the song below and stayed tuned of SLOMOZOVO for more beautiful short films as well as music video and sketch comedy. If you want to watch him talk more, head to his vlog channel where he discusses everything and anything.

Musical Bethan

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 03.26.44

I have seen Bethan grow from a opinionated teen into an inspiring and out spoken role model for those who look up to her. I wish I had this girl’s moxie when I first started doing my own thing. She seems to have had more of life figured out at 18 than I do in my mid-20’s. She’s another one for blunt honesty, but is very loyal, caring and driven. I am proud to call her a friend of mine.

Music wise, Bethan rocks the most soulful voice I have ever heard live for her age and I know I am going to hear her on the radio in the next few years. She is also a very talented songwriter and an advocate for positivity. Her content is aimed at a teen audience and you can tell people look up to her like the big sister, advising on how to deal with tough issues you will come in contact with growing up, but also she just wants to laugh with you.

Sammi (Beauty Crush)


This is the first feature who isn’t a close friend of mine. We’ve interacted from time to time at events and random online chats, but my god this woman is so lovely that you do not need to know her deeply to see she is a wonderful personal who really does light up a room when she smiles or giggles. She is another person who every time I have come in contact with has treated me as an equal and seriously makes me laugh. Sammi has also gone through more crap than any one that lovely should have to, and I respect how strong she is. I have all the time in the world for this gal.

Online, her personality and unique form is what drives her content. She speaks to you as if she is your friend out for coffee updating you on things, and it’s extremely charming. I won’t lie, she’s managed to sell the odd eyeliner to me, and her Instagram makes me feel I should constantly eat better and more delicious looking things. She is constantly creating so much beautiful content on her blog as well as her YouTube, you have to wonder if this girl ever gets a break!

Charly Cox


I actually first came across Charly late last year when I visited the Jack’s Gap office. I have bumped into her a few times since and she is always a pleasure to talk to. Charly’s blog I have read every now and again, but honestly I didn’t realise how much she had posted in the last month. Her blog is so honest, as well as very stylish, that I have been recommending it to everyone who asks what blogs I read right now. She writes with such elegance that she puts me to shame, and her photography skills are incredible. If this girl is not a magazine editor or something similar in the next few years, I will be seriously shocked.  You need to check out her newly re-vamped site now.

laundromat 1

So there are six different people in my life I find very inspiring and I am so sure you will too.

I can’t wait to feature more next time.

(images sourced by via each featured persons personal sites, all linked above.)
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