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30 Jan

How To Wash Your Hair Properly!

So I have been washing my hair wrong for over 20 years. I have been applying this technique for the last year and my hair is in so much better health now. I will say this is probably focused to damaged, thick hair – but the basics here apply to all.

I will add, if you have thinner hair than I, don’t put conditioner on your roots and don’t rub your hair with a towel. My hair HOLDS water. It was still wet 6 hours after filming this, and I took out a lot of the water.

Also DO NOT USE A BRUSH to brush your hair. I specified tangle teasers as they are made to work in water as they have softer bristles. Normal brushes tend to break wet hair.


For all those wondering, I naturally have jet black, thick hair and a lot of it!

Right! I hope you enjoy the video. I think that enough “Herbal Essence” like pictures for everyone.

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