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27 Nov

Horrible Bosses 2 Review – Spoiler Free


You don’t go to a movie like HB2 for an enlightenment of how to deal with your ‘horrible boss’, to marvel at the beauty of dynamic light within film or for a critique of the current climate of small businesses and how massive commercial chains are destroying the independent startup . You go to laugh. That is all. And on that, it delivers. I have seen some pretty unnecessarily harsh reviews to this series, but it’s just clearly there to make you laugh and not give some sort of critique on life. And fortunately Horrible Bosses 2 is leaps and bounds funnier than the first one, which for my friends and I seemed a bit like a marmite film.

I will not be telling you the plot of this film, because I know you will enjoy it more going into it with no idea. I know I did. You don’t have to watch the first instalment to understand this film, although one or two repeating jokes maybe missed.


This cast is amazing and many of the supporting case, which are not traditionally comedy actors, deliver on their performances. Charlie Day, remains my favourite out of the trio since his character seemed more developed and innocent than his counterparts, and Jason Bateman was great returning as the chronic worrier. I feel like Jason Sudeikis character is almost unnecessary though and just a annoying version of Day’s character. He’s almost too neutral or too over the top at times, but Sudeikis makes it the most of what he has on the script.

Waltz & Pine hb2

However, I did find a lot of the supporting cast stole some scenes for me, most notably Chris Pine, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Anniston who rocked their roles. Pine, typically an action actor, showed he is more than just stunts and drama as he managed to pull off a fun duality within his character, making the audience spin from hating him to liking him, which is tough to pull off well. Then there is Anniston who I am so happy they brought back. She says possibly some of the most vulgar and hilarious lines in the film. I love seeing her in such a strong role, especially far outside a traditional rom com as she is clearly so versatile and has fun with it. It is obvious she loves playing the character, and is damn good at it. Although I am shocked how she got through so many lines without laughing herself. Lastly Foxx, who is great in this film. He obviously has had a lot of fun with a guy who is a wannabe gangster and lives his life through movie moments. One of my favourite pieces of dialogue is when he reveals how awful the three leads actually and the fact they are actually criminals with every action they have taken throughout movie 1 and 2. Honorary mentions got to Kevin Spacey and Christoph Waltz, who are both amazing and I wish had more face time in the film.

Day and Anniston hb2

The first film was particularly improv heavy and sometimes it hindered the overall scenes within it. This time is seems a lot of the improv was performed during the table reads and the scripts were re-written to accommodate it making it feel a lot tighter than than it’s predecessor. I felt this made the film noticeably stronger within performances too as the three main actors have their dynamic down. Charlie Day’s interaction with Anniston’s character remains stellar and he just had some great dialogue to work with. I do love his role within the film with the characters “do first think, later attitude” and his general well-meaning, but ultimately bad ideas.

A couple of things that irk me about this film – it could have spent a bit more time in the cutting room. It is maybe a tad too long meaning a couple of gags did not land so well and some repeating jokes just got boring or felt unnecessary. If this movie was cut down I feel a lot of the gags would landed so much better and the movie wouldn’t be tarnished by the few lines that let it down from being a stand out comedy and back to an alright movie.

TL;DR: Horrible Bosses 2 is a fun to watch with your friends in the cinema, and if you like ‘wacky’ comedies you will enjoy this.

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