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23 Feb

Getting Healthy!


I’ve never been a gym bunny nor really ate amazingly well. I do see this as a bad thing. I wish I had gotten into better habits when I lost a LOT of weight 2 years ago (too much actually) but I didn’t. I continued my bad habits and now I am nearly back where I started. I really over did it at the holidays this year. I have NEVER gained weight at Christmas in my life, this year I did and it was a shock.

Although I have not gained a substantial amount of weight, often about an inch or so on my waist (or two if I measure myself in the evening) my confidence has been shot this week. My jeans feel a little tighter, my boobs are a little bigger (I hate that) and I feel more bloated. I have decided since I no longer have the crazy metabolism I still don’t understand from two years ago, I need to do actually something about it.

Step One: Diet

1) I need to drink more water.

I got out of the habit of just having water throughout the day this winter (I carry so many bottles around with me in the summer) and I also have started to snack more. I believe I am 100% confusing my brains ‘thirsty signals’ for ‘hungry signals’ as I feel sluggish after these snacks.

So I resolve to drink at MINIMUM two 750ml water bottles a day – so 1 and half litres – and increase that to three from mid-March.

2) Cut down – and then largely out – the fast food.

I used to have a TERRIBLE fast food habit. I eat out a lot still, but my choices are better in general. The weird thing is, when I initially lost a LOT of weight, I did this on a diet of fast food (and depression, but that’s a post for another time). I dropped nearly 2 stone in a month. Not good. I never want to go back to that as it wasn’t healthy – but I would like to fit in my clothes better, please, thank you.

I am taking on small goals. I believe when I cut something out completely I crave it more. So I put in some rules to this instead. An example of this is I can have ONE McDonalds a month should I feel like it. Since I started doing this I have basically stuck to it. So yay. But what is interesting the less I have “it” anything, the less I crave or want it. So this should help towards building good habits and making better choices for my healthy come more naturally.

3) Eat Better

I know this should totally go without saying, but sometimes it’s hard. Some times events happen and bad food is everywhere. I have no gotten myself a Nutri Bullet (well, my Mum and Step-Dad did since they see me making efforts to get healthier and support that. Thank you guys, you’re the best.) And I plan to make so many delicious smoothies and such. Dying to try out the ace berry adding too I can make with it.

I think I need to Pinterest some healthy recipes. Please leave me some in comments too if you have any ideas at all.

Step 2: Exercise

Now the gym isn’t full of “resolutions goers” – you know the ones, who say they will be healthy in January and by Feb the gym is empty – I will to the gym at least twice a week. Yep, I need to become a gym bunny. I had an induction last week whilst on medicine, so apparently I went to hard core and was sick. It was embarrassing. Even so I will continue with this quest.

I will go strength buying exercises at home 3-4 times a week. My posture, back and elbow are actually really damaged from lugging heavy camera equipment. Also my flexibility has suffered. Must get on top of that year. Maybe I will be able to touch my toes in a few months (yes, it is THAT bad.)

Step 3: Lifestyle

This one is actually really basic, but also the hardest. Hopefully with these steps I can work towards a way of life I can maintain. No fad diets, no calorie deficits, just cleaner living. That is the ultimate goal.

Hopefully I can share this journey with you all, and if you are going through a similar life change or have any advice or recipes, please let me know on twitter (@itsamandything) or in the comments.

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