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What ethnicity are you?
This is my most asked question and will come as a surprise to many but I am white Irish girl who broke her nose when she was young. I actually need to see a doctor about it years later as I am having trouble breathing though it and it has deviated. Yay.

What skin type do you have?
Combination. Oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Well done body.

What camera do you use?
I used to use a Canon eos550D, now I use a Canon 60D or my iPhone 4s. Both are amazing and you don’t have to have the big expensive camera to blog. Just use your phone! I do A LOT.

Who takes your photos?
I take all my photos (unless otherwise stated) or in the case where it is an outfit post, it is likely to be one of my lovely friends or housemates I have badgered into it.

What software to you use to edit your photos/videos?
I use Photoshop for my pictures and Final Cut Pro X or iMovie on my video depending on what I can use at the time.

Why did you start blogging?
I got addicted to YouTube first and then beauty blogs, and then I wanted to join in on the conversation the beauty blogging community seemed to be having; reviewing products, showing off outfits etc. I have actually been blogging on different blogs for years and put them all in this BEAUTIFUL new site that took me forever to make.

How do you get to go to blogging events?
Usually I am contacted and invited via PR’.

Do you have a twitter?
Yes! @itsamandything

Do you have a YouTube account?
I have two! I have my beauty channel (itsamandything) and my main channel (Mandy).

What are you favourite brands?
Too difficult!

Did you used to have more blog posts? Like HUNDREDS MORE?!
Yes, I imported ALL my content from ALL my old sites. However, I edited EVERY SINGLE POST I have made since 2009 anywhere on the internet – believe me this took weeks. The pages left behind I deem to be quality content. If it doesn’t exist it is because I didn’t feel it fit with the site and/or the quality of the images was awful and I may re-do the post again in the future. I may have also either changed my opinion on a product or simply just grew out of the post!