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5 Oct

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013


This week I attended the #CosmoBlogAwards 2013. I shortlisted for the first time as a Best Vlog/Vlogger, which was incredible in itself with over 43,000 blogs entered and I was just super happy to be there. I am so excited to say I was ‘Highly Commended’ or a runner-up with Fleur De Force winning the title in the end. Honestly, I was rooting for my girl Sammi (because who doesn’t want their friends to win?!), but respectable choice none the less. I am still buzzing from the evening and I had a wonderful time with some lovely bloggers and vloggers.

I took all the images on my phone, but I will l have up a outfit post of what I was wearing, as well as the goodies from the goodie bags in high quality up soon. I just wanted to absorb and enjoy my 1st blog awards (and what a big one to start on!) then see it through a lens. I honestly didn’t even expect to get shortlisted, but I did because you guys voted and nominated me. Your support amazes me and I hope we go on to do great things together.

Thank you for being there for me. I am so grateful for the opportunities I get because of your support. Truly I am humbled and touched. Now to the pictures of the night though! A lot of these are going to feature of ‘My Week in Pictures… but it’s really picture heavy this week!!!

Cosmo Blog Awards Mandy best vlog shortlist highly commended

Me getting my awards from Digital Director, Pat McNulty and Editor, Louise Court. So shocked. I also need to think about my posture.. O MY! (Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan)

leanne me lulu

 Leanne, myself and Lucy with our awards!


Chayz, Zoe, myself and Leanne at the Cosmopolitan wall


Myself, Sammi, Lucy and Gracie after the awards were called!


Zoe and I, she shouted for me when my name was called. So lovely!


Sammi and I. We have met so many times and only NOW do we get a picture…of crummy quality BUT A PICTURE NONETHELESS!


Myself and Maria! She is so lovely. We met before the awards. Had a great natter with her. And she looked stunning.

itsamandything cosmoblog awards cakes blogging

Of course as bloggers pictures of food are being taken! Also I take awful candid photos! (Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan)

leannawoodfull beautycrush itsamandything makeupfairypro

I also nabbed this picture from Joanne’s site, I thought it was a beautiful picture of the four of us! (Leanne, Sammi, myself and Joanne)

Everyone in the pictures has their blog linked under the images, but just in case you missed it here they are below!


Lucy :







 What did you think of the winners list?

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