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23 Jan

Eyebrows On Fleek – Primark, Rimmel & more

One of the main group of comments I get on my videos is about my eyebrows, so I’ve decided to share my tips on how I style my brows. I recognise I have jet black hair naturally, which has given me a pretty strong brow game, but I think it’s all about how I have learnt to groom them since I was a teen that has left me with pretty happy with them in my mid 20’s.

I was never an over-plucker. My mother was (is) and for the 1st year I was getting my eyebrows done in my early teens she insisted on seeing a beautician in case I fell prey to over-plucking. Thank goodness she did! I learnt a lot – to the point where I was doing my mum’s brows for five years before I left home.

So here is what you need to know! This is a new style video from me! I hope you like it.

If there are any other videos you would like to see, literally it can be anything, let me know. They all go in the ideas book until I figure out how to turn them into something more.

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