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25 Jan

Big Hero 6 – Spoiler Free Review


I am just going start by just saying it: I love this movie. I love it so much.

On January 18th I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Gala Screening/Premiere of Big Hero 6 by my lovely friend Jenny Bingham. I have been wanting to see this film for a while and I was really excited for it. I had heard mixed reviews, and I can understand some people’s grievances (most, being is a bit predictable), but I honestly have very little that I didn’t like about the film. If you love older animated films such as The Iron Giant that tugs on your heart strings, you will throughly enjoy this.

If you watch this movie in the cinema you will have the privilege of watching a wonderful short ‘Feast’. It follows the relationship of a dog and his owner as told through the Boston Terriers eating habits. It is very well executed and one of my favourite shorts I have seen produced by Disney. Another side effect: I also now want a Boston Terrier.


Big Hero 6 started as a Marvel comic and has been adapted by Disney as a animated release set in the near future. It’s an interesting take on the super-hero format and, in true Disney style, it is about an orphan boy – named Hiro – coping with the challenges his life has flung before him. I won’t be telling you any more about the film itself (spoiler-free, remember?) but I will say is I can see how this film is nominated for so many awards – although I stand by that The Lego Movie should 100% be nominated for Best Animation along with this one.

The film is a continued testament to the things Disney does do extremely well in movies.

1) Feelings: Oh my goodness, I went from laughing to tearing up within sections. This film absolutely tugs at the heart strings. If you cry easily, be warned.

2) Humour: This is absolutely a film the entire family will enjoy. Obviously, yes kids will love it.  For adults the humour is absolutely there and there are some of the best physical jokes I have seen in a long time, that are just executed so well. There are some repeat gags throughout the film and, unlike most, they do not become boring. In fact my friends and I have been repeating them since we saw the film.

3) Character design: The lovely soft robot named Baymax is child cinema fodder. This film is going to make so much money from toys and other merchandise (sorry parents). He is one of the most adorable things they have ever produced, which is bizarre since he has next to no features and yet they say everything that he is feeling. This film also has its own take on some superhero tropes which I found really interesting, and the female characters are fantastically as kick ass as their male counterparts.


Big Hero 6 is set in is within a city called San Fransokyo which lends itself to some stunning American-Japense fusion of culture and I really found it captivating. The film is also GORGEOUS. My friends and I saw it in 3D and it was seamless and brilliantly animated. It actually gave me some faith into the future of 3D.

Big Hero 6 also teaches kids some wonderful life lessons such as supporting friends, feminism/equality and staying in school. Parents, you are going to love this as I think it will make your kids be so interested in science too.

One of my only grievance’s with the film was a logical one. I wanted Baymax – the lovely medical robot with so many applications to revolutions the medical world – to be available to everyone as that, supposedly, was the dream! I know it’s a weird thing to pick at in the film, but that bothered the adult side of my brain. I also predicted the main twist, but again it does follow the classic format laid out in recent previous Disney animated releases such as Frozen, so it didn’t really bother me as I expected it. That isn’t the thrill of the film, it’s about how invested you are in those characters and there was plenty within the film itself that was unexpected and new to me.

The UK release of the film also has some welcomed guest voice appearances from Dan and Phil from Radio 1/Youtube, which is a fun addition, and Stan Lee continues his Marvel cameos after the credits. Definitely stay till after the credit for an extra small giggle.

The film is released on January 30th 2015 in the UK, and I am dying to see it again already. If you want a “star rating” I would give it a solid 4 out of 5, and I will most definitely be getting this film when it is released on blue-ray. I am interested to see if any other animated films can top what this film made me feel this year.


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