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4 Oct

20/20 Part 2 – Justin Timberlake



I have to admit it, I love Justin Timberlake. Before I liked him more as an actor (yes, he is pretty ‘eye candy’ and a good actor), and I loved ‘Justified’ the album (that one from a very long time ago) but 20/20 part 1 AND 2 are incredible. My housemate Bing describes it as ‘concept pop’. It is experimental and enjoyable. Justin has simply gone and made something that says ‘here are all my songs, each are very different in sound, genre and feel and here are all the remixes tacked on, because they were going to get made anyway so I got there first”.

Both albums are highly produced and he has created some of my favourite songs this year. If Justin were to say these were his final albums I would be happy because he has made something extremely unique. Hopefully over time they will be regarded as highly, as say, Michael Jackson’s work. Part 1 was released very early in the year and Part 2 graced us with it’s presence on the 30th September I have had it on replay since.

If you haven’t heard either Part 1 or 2 I will let you know now that Part 1 is very much the romance or ‘I-am-so-in-love-this-woman-is-perfect-lovie-dovie’ album, and Part 2 is the ‘angry-heart broken-breakup’ album to end all breakup albums. Taylor Swift take note on how to do this without sounding whiney.

My favourite songs on Part 2 are ‘Drink You Away’ and ‘Only When I Walk Away’. These songs are hugely relatable, fun to listen to and really bring out those feels. I am looking out for radio edits of these also.

Have a listen and enjoy, I will post about Part 1 next week. Who needs them in order anyway?!

What are your favourite tracks on Part 2?

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